About Us

Had an amazing dish? FoodHi is your place to recommend it!

We think there’s a better way to find amazing dishes. We think it starts with people like you that know what’s good. FoodHi is your place to be heard and to share your dish recommendations.

Pronounced Food-Hi, it’s that moment when you see a mouth watering dish and your eyes light up. That’s the FoodHi moment ?


10,000+ followers on Instagram!

Our journey began on Instagram early last year and we now have over 10,000 followers! On @FoodHi we search for amazing dishes, run Photo Comps and showcase the best food photography in Sydney and Melbourne ?

The Best Food, Incredible Photos and $2,500 worth of food and drinks!
We’ve partnered with the best food spots in Sydney – Belly Bao, Ippudo Sydney, Three Williams Cafe, Kazbah Restaurants, Flour Drum Newtown, The Nine Sydney and Osaka Bar.

These partnerships have enabled us to run our much loved Photo Comps and give away incredible food experiences covering more than $2,500 worth of food and drinks!

On top of all this we’ve been honoured to have the talented @Paulpayasalad, @Sydneyfoodprn, @Jess.xv.v, @Willxia1, @Eatingwithyoureyes_, @Lilopeng, @Arvinisstarvin and @Myinsatiableappetite enter and win our Photo Comps.

What to eat?
It’s been an unbelievable journey so far and there are so many mouth watering dishes to uncover.

We’d love you to join the community as we have some fun uncovering all the amazing dishes in your city!