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At Donut Papi, Kenneth recommends the Matcha Crinkles, the Ube Bombo, and the Ube Poptart!

We spoke to Kenneth Rodrigueza who is the Head Chef of Donut Papi. Here are his Top 3 recommendations from the Donut Papi menu!

Matcha Crinkles – matcha cream cheese buttercream sandwiched between two fudgy chocolate cookies ?  ?

Ube Bombo – yeast raised doughnut with ube (purple yam) coconut custard cream garnised with toasted coconut ?  ?

Ube Poptart – purple yam jam on a flaky and buttery puff pastry with pink sugar glaze and sprinkles  ?? ?‍?

The FoodHi Top 3 Series

For our Top 3 series we get in touch with the Head Chef of the most loved cafes and restaurants in Sydney and Melbourne. To find out “What are your Top 3 recommendations from the menu?”.

If you’d like us to find out from one of your favourite cafes or restaurants please let us know!


M-A-T-C-H-A!! and the Ube Poptart looks so cute! #sprinkles


@cindyk Donut Papi can do no wrong ey?


@foodhi Haha nope!

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