FoodHi Red Pepper Bistro

Spring Onion Korean Fried Chicken from Red Pepper Bistro

I particularly love the Spring Onion Chicken. Crispy fried chicken gets a sweet wasabi/soy sauce and a handful of fresh shaved spring onion, making it an absolute textural and flavour heaven. @Insatiable Munchies

By far the most popular order is fried chicken. There are 12 kinds, all of which are marinated for 12 hours and fried twice for a perfectly crunchy batter and soft, succulent meat. The most popular is the spring onion, an original batter topped with a pile of spring onions and served with a bowl of thick and slightly sweet wasabi and soy gravy @Broadsheet

Incredible chicken gangjung with an emphasis on freshness and fragrance of spring onion… @I Ate My Way Through

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