FoodHi Red Pepper Bistro

Incredible Gangjung Fried Chicken from Red Pepper Bistro

The batter here isn’t as crunchy as Naruone but what is impressive is the juiciness of the chicken inside. We don’t find any dryness in our chicken, although the jumble of pieces does occasionally include a chicken neck which seems a little cheeky. @Grab Your Fork

Another favourite Korean feed, but this time, for fried chicken! ‘Gangjung’ is the signature batter I would go for, sweet and sticky with flavours that explode in your mouth @Nine Lives of Mine

I order a half portion of Original Korean Fried Chicken ($16, above) which is just chicken perfection. The skin is nice and crunchy. A definite recommend! The corona just makes the flavour combination perfecto. @Weekend Food Escapes