FoodHi Breads Bakery

The Chocolate Nutella Babka from Breads Bakery ?

It’s safe to say it has achieved New York icon status…This one is the perfect babka. Each layer is filled with Belgian chocolate and Nutella and tastes yeasty, buttery, and sweet. -Brian Hoffman, Eat This New York

It’s really something special. After just one bite of this loaf, the richness of the high quality Belgian dark chocolate immediately sets it apart. -Niko, Dessert Buzz

Since discovering this babka a year ago, I’ve made a trip to the bakery almost every week. They have this deal: two babka for $20. Oh, the friends I’ve made sharing my weekly second! -Eden Grinschpan, Eden Eats

Img: Breads Bakery Babka™

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