The best pulled lamb salad from Temperance Society that makes you feel like you're in heaven ? (Hughesdale)

It was raining and cold on Sunday, we walked into this cozy warm industrial chic café called Temperance Society. We were warmly welcomed with smiles from the barista and floor manager. We were seated near the window which was nice and cozy.

We started with a latte and the “passion pop” raw superfood smoothies.

Excited with the look of that creamy perfect looking latte and bright red yellowish smoothies topped with berries, coconut flesh, mint leaves and honey.

The latte was smooth and its medium blend sat easily on your pallette. The passion pop was refreshing and delicious! You can taste the sweet and sour mixed with crunchiness from the passionfruit and mixed berries. It was addictive!

We were sitting on the menu for quite awhile deciding which dish to enjoy from the list of amazing sounding brunch options. We settled with the “cauliflower and corn fritters” and the “braised pulled lamb”.

Cauliflower and corn fritters with poached egg and added bacon

Note: I recommend to add bacon ($3extra) and add poached egg ($1 extra) when ordering this dish. A little more expensive than other corn fritters that I have tried.

Boom! Beautiful looking pulled lamb salad. As soon as it landed on the table, you can smell the turmeric and spice blend from this dish.

First bite to this super tasty and lip smacking delicious pulled lamb mixed with quinoa, roasted sweet potatoes, crispy kale, pomegranate, feta, beetroot humus and a poach egg. I was in heaven! ?

Hands down the best salad I ever tasted. It is healthy, jam packed with superfood, just can’t get enough of it. I could eat this all day everyday!

That fragrant spices, juicy lamb, feta cheese, mixture of different texture from the kale and quinoa.. brought all together with that perfectly poached egg and creaminess of that beetroot humus. Definitely the winner!


Pulled lamb salad- 10

Passion pop- 8/10

Cauliflower and corn fritters- 7/10

Latte -7/10

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